The Irene Diamond Stage

At The Pershing Square Signature Center, 480 West 42nd Street

6 Weeks Only | September 10 – October 21

Presented by

A Place To Be

Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars

Teresa Wheeler

Milton Sender

K.C. & Ben Graham


Barbara Schaufeld

Shannon & Jim Davis

written & performed by

Thomas Sweitzer

directed & developed by

Jeremy Scott Blaustein

Associate Producers

Lysa & Carl Hutton

Mark Ohrstrom.

Alice Rogoff Rubenstein

Dr. Gary & Tina Mather

Greenway Manor

Drs. Rae Stone and Kent Allen

Sheila C. Johnson

The Killinger Family

Judith Washburn

Dale Thompson

Ana Finel Honigman

‘Wonderful and Cathartic. Chock full of song, humor, but most of all heart, 20 Seconds is a one-man act where Tom Sweitzer (writer, actor) recounts the story of his childhood, and how he grew up with his mother and schizophrenic father in 1980s Pennsylvania.’

DC Theater Arts

‘Tom Sweitzer is a composer and artist with vision, and he delivers an emotional and compelling autobiographical performance. He survived extraordinary challenges in his childhood and discovered a talent for music that, as a Music Therapist, enables him generously to give others what he never received. This is a portrait of resilience and forgiveness.’

Renee Fleming

About the Show

An unforgettable tale of love, forgiveness, resilience, and the extraordinary power of music.

Tom Sweitzer, Music Therapist, Writer, Composer, and Actor takes us on a journey through his turbulent, colorful yet inspiring childhood. Raised by a dying compassionate Italian Mother and a Schizophrenic Father at age eight Tom runs away from home, lured by the music he hears pouring out from the church window across the street. When the church doors open, he’s met by a Sunday School teacher that changes his life forever. “20 Seconds,” formerly known as “Meatballs and Music,” is a 90-minute raw look into a man’s life which promises to remind us that we are all human if we only allow ourselves to hear the music.

Best Solo Performance

The CapitalFringe Festival 2022